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Tips for Emotional Healing

We experience emotional distress in all sorts of ways, sadness, anxiety, addictions, obsessions, compulsions, physical ailments, boredom, grief, anger and agitated moods. What helps relieve this distress? What can you do to help you to heal?

Here are some top tips for emotional healing:

Be yourself

This means asking for what you want, setting boundaries, having your own beliefs and opinions, standing up for your values, wearing the clothes you want to wear, eating the food you want to eat, saying the things you want to say, and in a hundred other ways being you and not somebody else.

Invent yourself

You come with attributes and capacities. But at some point you must say, “Okay, this is what is original to me and this is how I have been formed but now who do I want to be?” by doing this you can reduce your emotional distress by deciding to become a person who will experience less emotional distress: a calmer person, a less critical person, less egoistic and more productive. 

Love and be loved

Part of our nature requires solitude, and alone time. We feel happier, warmer and better, live longer, and experience life as more meaningful if we love and let ourselves be loved. To be ourselves and relate, requires that we acknowledge the reality of others, include others in our plans, not only speak but listen.  

Get a grip on your mind

Nothing causes more emotional distress than the thoughts we think. We must try harder to identify the thoughts that don’t serve us, disputing them and demanding that they go away, and substituting more useful thoughts. Thinking thoughts that do not serve you is the equivalent of serving yourself up emotional distress. Only you can get a grip on your own mind.

Forget the past

Our past can have a way of returning and pestering us. This can cause us to feel anxious, have sweats, nightmares, sudden sadness, and waves of anger. Try to exorcise the past by not playing along with our human tendency to wallow there. We must tell ourselves to move on and mean it. If you have a secret attachment to misery, you will feel miserable. Let go and forget the past.

Flip the anxiety switch off

Rampant anxiety ruins our equilibrium, colors our mood, and makes all the already hard tasks of living that much harder. There are many anxiety management strategies you might want to try—breathing techniques, cognitive techniques, relaxation techniques, but what will make all the difference is if you can locate that “inner switch” that controls your anxious nature and, deciding that you prefer to live more calmly, flip it to the off position.

Make meaning

We can have much more meaning in our life if we stop looking for it, as if it were lost or as if someone else knew more about it than we did, and realise that it is in our power to influence meaning and even make it.

Let meaning trump mood

You can decide that the meaning you make is more important to you than the mood you find yourself in.” Start each day by telling yourself exactly how you intend to make meaning on that day, how you intend to deal with routine chores and tasks, how you intend to relax, how, in short, you mean to spend your day!

Upgrade your personality

You may not be the person you would like to be. You may be angrier than you would like to be, more impulsive, more scattered, more self-sabotaging, more undisciplined, more frightened. If so, you may require a personality upgrade, which only you can supply. Choose a feature of your personality that you would like to upgrade and then you ask yourself, what thoughts align with this intention and what actions align with this intention? Then you think the appropriate thoughts and take the necessary action. This way you become the person capable of and equal to reducing your emotional distress.

Deal with circumstances

Circumstances matter. Our economic circumstances matter; our relationships matter; our work conditions matter; our health matters; Many circumstances are completely out of our control and many are within our control. We can change jobs or careers, we can divorce, we can reduce our calorie intake, we can stand up or keep quiet, we can do exactly as much as we can do to improve our circumstances. As a result of those improvements, we feel emotionally better. Emotional healing requires that you take real action in the real world.

If you would like help with your Emotional Healing why not give Reflexology a try.

Reflexology by Nicola Jane

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