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Reflexology for Runners - My Story

I would never describe myself as a “runner” this is because I never really enjoyed it – I just liked that feeling you get when it was over!!

Despite this when I was 40 instead of buying myself a nice shiny convertible car I found myself pounding the streets of Cheshire, I was hooked - it started with the Pie & Peas 4 miles, then a 10k or 2, then 2 1/2 Marathons before I knew it 2 glasses of wine browsing the internet I had entered the Liverpool Marathon.

It was while training for the Liverpool Marathon in 2012 that the signs started, the signs that I ignored, after every training run my back hurt more and more – the more it hurt the more I ignored it. Stubbornness got me through training and stubbornness got me through the Marathon – that and the fact that I was running for “Make a Wish foundation” which is an amazing charity which help grant the wishes of children with terminal illness. Who was I to moan over a bad back ? I carried on regardless as I didn’t want to let those poor children down.

After the Marathon the back ache continued and I lived with the pain everyday some days worse than others – at times I would spend a week flat on my back in so much pain and full of anti-inflammatories.

After several visits to the GP and Physio I was referred for an MRI scan in October 2013.

A year after I completed the Liverpool Marathon there I was sat in the Royal Fullwood Hospital in Preston with the consultant going over my results. The results showed degenerative and protruding discs and some discs with height loss. He told me to take up walking as my running days were over!! I was offered a Spinal Fusion operation which would have meant me being in hospital for a week then lying flat on my back for 3 to 6 months with a 40% success rate. I said “no thankyou’ smiled and left – I was devastated! My world began to fall apart, I had become addicted to exercise – I needed to run.

Why didn’t I listen to my body? Why didn’t I listen to the signs ? The stubborn me was kicking in, I quickly turned the negative experience into a positive. My 1st job was to loose weight. Although I felt fit, the truth was I was 13 stone and convinced the extra weight wasn’t helping. I started Pilates classes twice a week and worked on my core strength. Another year on in 2014 and I had signed up for Tough Mudder (I know I never learn) A great experience and I would highly recommend it.

In 2015 I had received a text from the London Marathon informing me that the ballot was open for VLM 2016 I had to sign up, I am a great believer in fate and I truly believed if it was meant to be – it will be - (well that’s how I justified it to myself) not actually believing for one minute that I would get a place. That year over 400,000 people entered for the ballot why would I get a place.

In October 2015 I came from work to find this on my door step – Oppps! I was in ..yikes.

Things were different this time I listened to my body at every opportunity and respected the aches and pains. I had just started training to become a Reflexologist looking at how Reflexology can help with sports injuries, and looking at mind body connections. It was while on the course we had a practical session where we learned all about the Central Nervous System and Spinal Reflexes I was really lucky to be able to work my own spine all through training and receive regular reflexology sessions.

My back was great throughout my training and over two stone lighter I even managed a PB.

I continue to work my spine on both my hands and feet, I attend Pilates and yoga classes whenever I can.

Was is Reflexology that helped me with my back pain? I believe it was … You can always try it for yourself

www.reflexologybynicolajane.co.uk info@reflexologybynicolajane.co.uk or

call Nicola: 07825 213719


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